Your AGV Robot

Six reasons to choose XBOT

DC Brushless Hub/
Gear Motor

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Intelligent variable speed

APP Intelligent Control

Wireless Charging Module

Technology Ambient Lighting

Split pull-out type
lithium iron phosphate battery

Long cycle life
Safer and more stable
Capacity and capacity for long-lasting life

*Traditional lithium ternary batteries have a cycle count of about 500 times (with 80% capacity remaining),

and the lithium iron phosphate batteries used in this product have a cycle count of about 2,000 times (with 80% capacity remaining).

Intelligent variable speed
Efficient and smooth

The intelligently learned cart will decelerate in advance when
passing through stops, turns, and function points, turn at a set safe speed,
and stop at the stop with a safe braking distance.